at a glance

The Melo Rodriguez Foundation is a family owned private foundation with the goal of helping everyone in need, nurturing our youth and setting stones for the future. 

Here at the Melo Rodriguez Foundation we believe in spreading joy and happiness all around the world. We trust that if all of us join hands and move towards the common goal of goodness, there is nothing we cannot achieve. The best thing about spreading happiness is that the more you spread it, the more it becomes. 

The world is already shrouded in darkness with people facing great problems and difficulties in their everyday life. There are so many people that have lost hope because of their past and cannot see the light that the future holds. It is a sad dilemma for human kind as many of our brothers and sisters have no one to look to and no one to call for. We are meant to be each other’s aid, supporting the other when they slip and holding the light that lights our future, together. 

In our fast paced lives, it may sometimes become difficult to remember that the world that is around us. Focusing on our lives and striving to be the best are noble goals worthy of directing our energy on but there are some other aspects that also need to be kept in mind as we wade through the waves of life. We should take a breath, stop for a minute and smile at any passing person. You will see that even such a simple act like smiling can spread joy in other people. Imagine the magnitude of what you’ll achieve if you do something more. 

The Melo Rodriguez Foundation believes in making a difference. This is not just a bold claim but we are fully prepared to back it up as well. Our efforts are made to go into the future and the present of this world. Our mission is to distribute the happiness to all the dark corners of the world. Our plans are well laid out and encapsulate practical solutions to the problems plaguing our society. 

We urge you to join us in our venture to make a joyous world possible. With our ventures helping out deserving students get the education they deserve with great scholarship programs. Because there is nothing more beautiful than learning and making a better version of yourself and we want to help those who cannot gain this goal. Moreover, our efforts span over getting homeless people accommodation so that they can enjoy a good night’s sleep in peace. This is a very important mission for us, and we are working very hard to give it a greater approach. We are also working towards bringing a better system for a Food Donation Drop off, this is an arduous task but we are up to it. 

To make the world a better place where we can live with peace in our hearts and our minds, where our children can smile and our elders can laugh. A world where we all care about one and other, we at the Melo Rodriguez Foundation believe in such a dream. If you do too, then join us in making it come true.